Irene Nyaatha- Kenya’s first Saint

A missionary nun impacted lives of many Kenyans living in Gikondi and neighboring villages. The locality is Central Kenya in Mukurweini, Nyeri County. They fondly called her Nyaatha. A Kikuyu name that means “the Merciful one”. She showered all those who got to know her with abundant love and compassion. The Catholic nun lived a life of heroic virtue and for that reason, a Beautification … Continue reading Irene Nyaatha- Kenya’s first Saint

Opportunities: Why only few of us succeed

Opportunities only knock once, or so they say. This statement may be true but, whatever men! Do I need to write a note on my door to urge it to knock? Coz as far as I’m concerned, it keeps skipping my door and, wait for it… repeatedly knocking on my neighbour’s! I recently read a book called “Outliers”. Well, I’m not the kind that makes … Continue reading Opportunities: Why only few of us succeed

Oscar Pistorius: Not guilty?!

“Oscar Pistorius not guilty of Murder case” goes the headlines. The trial was almost coming to an end. It had been a long one for this Paralympics champion. It is said “You’re not disabled by the disabilities you have; you are able by the abilities you have”. Pistorius knows this pretty well. Even though both of his legs got amputated when he was only 11 … Continue reading Oscar Pistorius: Not guilty?!

Nyeri MCAs- Twitter and Facebook training

The sun was setting warmly in the horizon. A cool breeze blowing over the leafy suburbs, Nairobi’s finest. It has been a great week for these ladies and gentlemen. They had learned a lot, or so they said. “It’s for the betterment of our beloved Nyeri County” you could hear them chatting excitedly. Technology has greatly evolved in the last decade. Twitter, Facebook, among others … Continue reading Nyeri MCAs- Twitter and Facebook training

Kenya: Agile Supply chains to boost regional trade

The high cost of obtaining raw materials locally is pushing firms to find alternate ways to drive their costs down. Firms are now embracing the concept of quality Supply Chain Management. Supply Chain Management (SCM) entails coordinating and integrating the flow of materials, information and finances as they move in a process from the supplier to manufacturer to the ultimate consumer. Though the Supply Chain … Continue reading Kenya: Agile Supply chains to boost regional trade

Vitz drivers notorious for Splashing muddy water

The raindrops fell soundly on the rusted iron sheets. The sound of the wall clock drowned in the noise. She could tell by the light that it was already past 0600Hrs. It has been a long week. “TGIF! (Thank God it’s Friday!)” She muttered to herself. She needed to wake up and prepare. Better days ahead depended solely on this very day. Or so she … Continue reading Vitz drivers notorious for Splashing muddy water

The Kodak Moment

They came out in droves. From every part of our beautiful country, Kenya, they all came. Old men with vintage suits swung their walking sticks ceremoniously. Young men in their flashy automobiles and gadgets landed in style. Ladies rocking their latest fashion-wear and accessories were definitely not going to miss this. It was a sight to behold. One of their own was getting MARRIED! The … Continue reading The Kodak Moment